NBL – Nations BangBall League presents:


Next year for the Fourth, it will be USA vs Britain for real. However, we will have some one on one stick fights soon for you WarBall fans. Note our new uniforms protection for Kidney strikes/kicks, heavy elbow pads for elbow strikes, decent arm and shin protection.


What is a BangBall? The Chinese word for stick is “Bang” We have a spear (stick) embedded into a football for throwing, catching, kicking and to use as a weapon against other stick or safe sword opponents.

BangBall is also our amateur foundation, vying country against country, schools, or clubs. It is non-profit 501 (c) (3) and donations are tax deductible.


What is WarBall? WarBall is our professional league, representing regions, countries or cities with paid or semi-professional fighters. We offer equity investments in this enterprise.

.More information on BangBall and Warball can be found on our “Game Description and Investment” page.

A Game for the Ages

Note: We were at the inception stage of introducing our sport, after more than one year of prototyping. We were ready to field fighters, but due to the Covid-19 situation we are unable to complete a video of real time play (see our “Technology” page for device video examples and animations ) Please be patient our fighters are coming!


NBL’s WarBall is American style professional football combined with Martial Arts, safe weapons and patented devices to harmlessly impair legs, arms and vision during combat It is for profit and we offer ownership equity.


As a non-profit, BangBall (BangBall is the league, WarBall is the private for profit team(s) organization) seeks to advance the sport into communities for the betterment of its people. Our global reach will bring people of different cultures together, creating a better understandings and tolerance. You may make a tax deductible donation by clicking here

Speaking of people, we have historically themed uniforms, from the modern as seen below, to Old History, celebrating the cultures of the past in the form of Samurai, Spartans, Vikings, etc.

Furthermore, anyone, including women, can play as proficiency with the weapons is more important than size or strength in most positions.

Our youth here in the States have been forgoing football (almost 10% decline 2006-2016) to such an extent many programs have been abolished. A safer and more edgy form such as WarBall will rekindle the interests. Finally, we have equestrians and canines, too!

In summing all, together with BangBall football’s highly entertaining visuals, we believe with some start up capital and sufficient financing we can become a global phenomena.

As football fans, we are committed to expanding football internationally, not to mention saving it locally, and our version is literally the only chance for this to happen.

A Brave New Sport

The revolutionary NBL itself is more active and artful than conventional football, since it is weapons and martial arts based.

It is also safer than tackle football as explained in the Fighter’s page. But briefly, WarBall rules to advance the ball (4 downs to get 10 yards, etc.) formations, pass interference, safety rules (such as clipping) and many others are the same as football. There is no extra point or field goal kicking game, but 2 and 3 point conversions are an option. Punting is normal but kickoff will be replaced by an Atlatl launched or black powder (yes) rocket assisted BangBall football. See below X and O chart for more football information.


Can you envision a javelin with a football embedded in the middle? It has a rubberized end so it is safe. It flies beautifully, and is patented (see our “Technology” page) . We also have a patented ball with telescoping rods embedded in football. Once in the QB, RB or receiver’s hands, they squeeze an area on the ball and the rods spring out. See video on our “Technology” page


Try to imagine this play: A simple pitch to the running back, around the end…once he has the Bangball, he can certainly dodge and juke as normal, but because his ball is also a weapon, he will use it too as he tries to gain yardage.

The QB holding the BangBall football also can fight off fighters trying to sack him, then throw or run, an interesting visual. The passing game is virtually the same as conventional football, the ball is caught (you have to adjust for the rod by stepping slightly to the right of left of it) and the receiver will use it as a blocking weapon against armed defenders. He literally can leap into the air, catch the ball and be fighting a defender with it before he hits the ground! It’s quite a sight.

Meanwhile, 21 other armed warriors will be engaged in combat, it has more action and is more artful to the eye than conventional football.


Note: Due to the Covid-19 situation we are unable to complete a video of real time play (see our “Technology” page for video examples )

Our horse mounted archers will patrol the sidelines, with safe arrows (see our “Technology” page) , which, if contact a runner, the play is whistled as over. Our muzzled attack dogs are trained to crash their bodies into the runner, and again on contact the play is called. We anticipate our animals will be the biggest stars on the field.


It will be exciting to see a running sword battle, so to speak. By rule, defenders in most cases must first try and impede his progress with their fighting sticks, not strike him. Once slowed they can strike sensors on legs, chest, face to disable the runner. Shoulders or a two handed push from the stick are allowed to knock him down, or out of bounds, but no tackling.

Blocking is by stick to stick only, no blows to opponent’s body. Certain martial arts techniques are allowed: leg sweeps, front kicks to abdomen (its padded) Hand strikes or kicks to face button, but only hard enough to trigger lights.


There is no extra point or field goal kicking game, 2 and 3 point conversions will be allowed. Punting is normal, but kick offs are black powder rocket assisted or Atlatl launched Bangball football which can go over 70 yards in flight.

Without body blocks, tackling or helmet to helmet accidents, it is much safer than conventional football.

Non Profit Community Based

The NBL is a non-profit (501) (c) (3) IRS designate entity to advance the sport into communities for the betterment of its people. It is structured much like the NFL was up until they changed to a profit based in 2015. You can donate to the NBL for a tax deduction or purchase ownership interest in one or all of the teams. See our Investor’s page for more information, including a copy of our Common Stock issuance. You can make a tax deductible donation by clicking here


This is our patented BangBall football, which becomes a weapon once thrown and caught, enabling the carrier to gain yardage against others who possess a fighting stick or safe sword. It composed of carbon fiber.

This is offensive and defensive line simulation, modern versus old history. We have better animations and videos with real people coming soon

By rule, once vision is impaired, play is stopped by whistle, but in a separate scenario, a fighter can continue as “wounded” as other body areas are disabled until he is taken to the ground. It is humorous to watch as one leg or arm is stiffened and the fighter playing on, evoking much laughter. See our Rules page for more information

Yes, we have horse mounted archers (female) with safe arrows, and muzzled attack dogs who are trained to use their bodies to contact a ball carrier. Upon impact by arrow or dog, play is halted by whistle. For safety purposes, horses patrol outside of the field of play, on the sidelines from the 30 yard line to and behind goal line, but still within arrow shot. Under certain circumstance they can enter the field of play.

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