Investor Details and Tax Deductable Entity Prospectus

Covid-19 note: We are very sorry we cannot show you live game or group practice fighter action. The quarantine hit just as we readied this vital need. Our single player videos and animation will give you some idea on the “Technology” page.

We have extensively written Common Stock documents available. You can make a Tax deductable donations to BangBall. org or chose an equity (ownership) position in WarBall, Inc. We will explain the difference below

Our investors can purchase an interest or donate any amount, or both, and receive tax benefits. We urge you to read further, but to make a tax deductible donation please click here

If offering a choice of equity or an option a tax donation sounds alarming to you, Congress authorized many years ago a exigency specifically for Football in the form of a tax exempt category 501 (c) (3) . The NFL was non-profit under this exemption clause until 2015, when they voluntarily chose to forgo this status.


Thus, the NBL can comfortably operate with this tax exempt status that has a lengthy precedent in law. You can donate to us and receive the tax benefits from this donation. You should consult a tax professional if you need clarification on this.

Our business model of the NBL is as a Trade Association with a twist. The teams in the National Football League are profit based and privately owned but the NFL league that represents the teams is (was) a non profit Association.

However, with the NBL, we will own all teams in their respective cities as separate profit making entities, owned by WarBall Inc., maintaining our tax deductible status for the NBL league as an Association.

A Donation that is Tax Deductable or as an Investment

There are two options:

1) You can buy shares and any shares bought will provide you with an interest in the global Professional WarBall team operations in all areas. This excludes amateur Team USA, which stays with the NBL. You become a minority shareholder with annual profit sharing.

2) Or, make a tax deductable donation to the BangBall NBL League, which includes Team USA, to better communities worldwide. There is no risk with this option.The league’s first international contest will be (the 3 time delayed) USA vs. Mexico in the Spring of 2021, subject to the pandemic.

A Note of Caution

As an investor in the professional Warball, Inc., you should recognize at this time our embryonic Warball Pro Team building company has minimal revenue, possesses a negative cash flow, and has assets of less than $10,000. In fact, we don’t advise anyone to invest large amounts at this time unless they can absorb a significant risk of loss. Despite this caveat, if we raise enough start up capital and secure sufficient financing and/or broadcasting, we have a reasonably high probability of success.


Investment Criterea

We have 2 provisional Utility Patents covering 12 devices and the actual BangBall game is a provisional Process Patent. Our patent numbers are 62/ 957 862 and 62/ 957 448 . As provisional (pending) patents they are not published by the USPTO for one year. WE have posted them on this site, please see below.


Same game as Football but safer and more exciting, and includes Women and animals

BangBall or WarBall is the same in key areas as conventional football’s passing and running game. There is no kicking game, punting is by an Atlatl launched BangBall. We will use a black powdered rocket assisted launch of a BangBall during Kick off.

22 fighters engaged in hand to hand and stick fighting on any given play, with a ball carrier bringing the fight downfield offers a more safe, exciting, entertaining visual than conventional football. Watching fighter with a leg or legs impeded by the air bags struggle to keep fighting or chased by a dog or horse evokes much laughter. It is amusing, harmless fun.


There is no body blocking or tackling in Bangball. Shoulder strikes are allowed. Everyone of the linemen and linebackers possess a fighting stick. They must block stick to stick only, no winding up for a big blow to the body or head, ever. All others have a telescopic stick on their back scabbard, freeing the hands to catch or throw the BangBall.

By rule you can not otherwise strike a fighter with the stick except to trigger the sensors or bring down the visor on the helmet (see below). Once vision is impaired on a ball carrier, play is halted by whistle. You may use the stick to impede a runner’s progress by leverage against his or her body, but not by a strike. Once impeded, a fighter can use hands or stick to impair a fighters legs, arms, or vision.

You may use your hands to strike the face triggers or visor. Kicks to padded areas of the torso and to visor/face masks triggers are allowed (but again, only with force hard enough to trigger the devices, otherwise it is a penalty or ejection)

Women Fighters

In Bang or WarBall, for most positions, proficiency with the weapons is the great equalizer over size and strength. Our sport welcomes with great enthusiasm women warriors. Our archers and horse mounted warriors positions will be particularly female “manned”

Check our Patents

Click on image below to see Patent Certification letters from the USPTO and the rather lengthy ( 50 plus pages) patents submitted to the Patent Office.

Please click on image to go to the Patent Documents Pages

Though some or all may not get final confirmation, we put the value of them at one million dollars.


Outside Product Sales

We reason this number because our patented devices can also be used for training in Youth Leagues/Colleges, the military, law enforcement academies, Martial Art schools, and in LARP or Cosplay.

Thus, there is a market outside of the football area even if the NBL falters or takes more time to grow. To garner income, we intend to market our patented Helmets, BangBall Footballs, pneumatic devices that impair arms and legs. They will be marketed by our company and its distributors.

Innovative Technology

The following has videos on the Technology/Rules page in the menu

A Weaponized Football

Speaking of products, we invented an patented improved catchable safe spear. It is the heart of the sport, as it can be thrown, caught, and used to advance the fighter away from the defenders.


We like to say in jest, it is the first upgrade to a spear in 200,000 years. Humorous but true. It is much more accurate (spins like a bullet) and its penetrating power is greatly improved as the throwing motion derived from a football type throw (the wrist is fully rotated) adds more velocity than a person throwing a conventional spear.


The people who like to replicate ancient hunting techniques, may find our BangBall spear hunting version highly useful. It will be sold on our merchandise site, .


Advanced Body Impairment System

Patented Air Bags and Software

These integrated air bags surround the leg joints and elbow joints and are deployed by a strike to a sensor on the body disable the leg or elbow joints for four seconds. We have a battery powered high pressure air system that weighs 8 pounds; Includes solenoids, controllers and processors. They inflate and then deflate automatically within 4 seconds, controlled by an on board micro processor.

The Patented helmet has two means to impair a fighter. A strike to facemask’s custom built triggers, whose lights turn on to impair vision, and secondly, a blow to the non-transparent visor darkens the vision as the visor falls. The lights are powered by 24v batteries that are integrated into the helmet.


Nanotechnology Locking Components

It is worthy to note our patent includes nanotechnology in the form of sleeves that cover the knee and arm joints. The minuscule micron sized components within these sleeves lock on impact or by electrical charge. The sleeve, normally soft and flexible now hardens thus impairing the movement of these areas.

We look forward to replacing the air bag currently used with these advanced devices. We estimate the price and functionality of these devices will be acceptable in the next few years and will greatly improve the sport.


International Markets

To caution you, it is possible we are overestimating the appeal of BangBall internationally, as football has not been successful overseas to date.

To ensure its acceptance, we designed our sport to be cross cultural, gender inclusive, and unique. Martial Arts, horse mounted archers, canines and women as fighters. And, further, it is also attractive by including the culturally relevant uniforms in each country.

Presenting Samurai uniformed BangBall fighters in Japan, for example, will make an alluring and captivating visual.

We believe the inclusive demographics involved with presenting these culturally relevant uniformed fighters, women and animals in combat will offset any bias or resistance to a foreign or newly proposed sport.


Weapon Popularity

Furthermore, BangBalls’s primary weapon, our fighting staff (known as a “Bo”) in Japan and throughout Asia is a revered implement in many countries located there. It is the primary weapon of choice of millions of Buddhists and Buddhist monks (Shaolin Temple for example) because it is non-lethal.

China is the country with the largest population of Buddhists, approximately 244 million or 18.2% of its total population. Nearly 600 million people worldwide are Buddhists.


Some 1.5 million Japanese are practitioners of Kenpo Karate (uses bamboo sitcks) with a legion of followers, and a Black Belt in Bojitsu is a actual level one can obtain.


In mainland Asia, the Bang (which is how “stick ” is pronounced and spelled in Chinese) is the weapon of choice for anyone interested in the Arts, because, historically, it was always close at hand in the out of doors. We invite you to look at to investigate further. Search under “Bo fighting”

Thus, it is our belief the use of the Bo staff or Bang as our primary weapon in BangBall will foster its popularity in Asia.


Global Martial Art Popularity is Underserved as a Broadcast Sport

Martial Arts is popular in any place in the world, with many learning and teaching the sport. It has the broad appeal as the success of Martial Art films has shown. Outside of fictional films, it is rare to see any broadcast of the sport. Thus, it has been extremely under served as a mainstream broadcasted sport or contest. BangBall would serve this need.



Therefore we believe we have an additional cushion(s) against resistance or bias towards the sport. Together with the inclusive gender demographics, appeal to animal lovers, culturally relevant uniforms, and filling the vacuum of broadcasting demands of Marital Arts fans, the sport will successfully enter many countries.


USA Market Potential

In the USA their are millions of Martial Artists who would support the NBL, if not fight for it on a team. There is a pronounced decline (10% in the last few years) of participation in conventional football with our nation’s youth, so there is huge potential for something more on the fringe, and more safe.


Fighting with sticks and swords seems to have a magnetic affinity intrinsic with young people, perhaps so because this draw is genetically based. Martial Art schools are phenomenally successful in the States, and the age of the students are on average is demonstrably quite young. Our inclusion of women fighters in combat and animals that will appeal to dog and horse lovers will produce a high demograhic profile.

We believe the domestic market for BangBall will be very strong because of these demographics of both young and grown Martial Artists as an alternative to conventional football. As youth participation in football declines, BangBall will become a entertainment venue that is relevant to their interests.


Digital Broadcasting and Film Production

Moreover, we are negotiating with the upper management of a very large streaming (digital broadcasting) company to sponsor and broadcast the NBL. There has been several new entries recently into on demand internet broadcasting, such as Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon, and Vudu (Walmart). We are targeting all of these as partners.

As to our current partner, progress in the form of production funding to the NBL is conditioned on us making more examples of real life play. We are working hard on this currently, and will soon pass this milestone, once the crisis with Covid-19 abates.


And, finally, speaking of the movie business, a screenplay called “Cleats” is being written by author Jason Gooding. BangBall will be the main component of the movie, though it is science fiction based action fantasy movie. Once filmed and premiered, it is to strategically augment the sport’s simultaneous introduction of teams and games by a streaming, film, or broadcast company.


In our opinion, if this takes place, the growth of the NBL will be virtually unstoppable.


By factoring in the demonstrable aspects above, in our opinion, the market potential for the NBL is worth an additional one million dollars.


Total Value is Attractive

Thus, together with the patents and product sales in and outside of the NBL, total stockholder equity is currently in the 2 million dollar range. Since a 1% share in the company for $10,000 equals a fully vested value of the company to be $1,000,000, and since the company is worth our estimated $2,000,000, our price for 1% represents a very attractive value.


Instead of dividends or par value for each share, which requires the WarBall pro-ball entity to be a publicly held company, we offer annual profit sharing in an amount commensurate with your ownership interest. Of course, we will have independent auditors for each fiscal year.


If an equity position is not to your liking, but you feel the NBL’s (eventual) BangBall and Amateur Team USA contribution to communities is worthy of your support, you may please instead make a tax deductible donation. In addition to tax benefits, you will be given a certificate as one of the founding members of the NBL.


Please go here to review the Patent documents. We can forward you our Articles of Corporation and Bylaws upon request.

As we mentioned, you can purchase an ownership interest or donate any amount and receive tax benefits. To make a tax deductible donation please click here. If you would like to become a shareholder of WarBall, Inc. please fill out the contact page or call 707 688 3312 and we will help you.