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We ORIGINALLY designed the WCF to save football for our youth by making it more safe and skillful, not dependent on size and strength. It remains our primary mission, so we as adults have the monumental task of establishing the sport. Safer at any level, we are proud that it is inclusive of women and smaller people. We also have non contact positions. If you never played football here is your chance. Our rules virtually eliminate high speed collisions, especially to knees and head:

You MUST engage safe weapons OR make a authorized MMA OR trigger impairment-device move BEFORE a tackle or block. Our Payload rule says you cannot use more force than necessary. We are a new sport, and as members of our first game, you have a chance to make history!

Travis & Beale Personnel, Veterans and Civilian Contractors:

Thanks for providing your info! Feel free to peruse our other pages and come back to fill this out. If you want to play (or just want to show support) so we can start our Armed Force’s league, it is vital we get some show of names. Our permission to be authorized on base depends on you. Besides that, we especially need QB’s, linemen, and female players or archers. PLEASE Pass the word to your friends and associates. Civilian contractors of the military are also welcome.

Leave a message in the box below so we know you are from the base, thanks again.

Yes! I’m interested in supporting WCF’s new non profit League at no charge to Travis, Beale and the Armed Forces! I also want to help form Team USA for international play. If not with the Military, please fill out and message your interest.

WarBall ComBat FootBall (WCF)
Nations BangBall League

707 688 3312

Geyserville, Ca 95441

email is [email protected]

Privacy Statement : Your personal information is safe with us, we promise to never give it to anyone outside of our organization without your express permission.