Realism Technology-Simulating Combat Injuries

LED Lights Impair Vision

Our Patented ‘Smash Mouth Button’ – a strike to the face by hand or foot triggers LED lights in our Patented helmet and impairs vision…if you have the ball, by rule play is dead. If you do not, as when you are being blocked or blocking, play continues but you are diverted from the play by having to turn off the light.

To smash the button, you will have to get through someone who can use a stick or sword though! :

Visor Knock Down Impairs Vision

The Patented Visor Smash. A strike by stick or safe sword enables a non transparent visor on our Patented helmet to cover the wearer’s eyes . This impairs the vision. By rule if you have the ball, the play is dead. If you do not, as when you are being blocked or blocking, play continues but you are impaired and must take a second to raise the visor, and then may return to the play

A Weaponized Football

Our official Patented BangBall is constructed of carbon fiber and has a safety tip with a feathered end. Defensive backs are only allowed to tip the ball when attempting a knock down. Most importantly, it is used to fight against the defenders attacks. The QB now has a means to defend himself against attackers, and then use it to throw the ball.

Horse mounted Archers most usually females, patrol the sidelines with safe arrows as pictured. By rule once a ball carrier is struck by an arrow play is halted by whistle.

Our Patented Pneumatic Leg and Arm disabling system.

It goes in a very contoured and slim backpack. Includes solenoids, relays, micro-controller, tank and software. When impact sensors are triggered, within 2 seconds, it completely but safely tightens around knee or arm limiting mobility perfectly. It is possible to continue to fight with one leg or arm disabled, but with both, it is somewhat hilarious to view someone try and continue in that situation. It automatically deflates after 10 seconds.

Our Patented Nano-techonology ‘Smart Sleeves’

Using the much of the same software and hardware we developed with the air bags and adding shock sensors to our smart garments, we eliminate the air bottles and cumbersome knee bags. The nano industry is still working to perfect these sleeves to ‘protect’ the knee if it is stressed beyond certain limits. Uniquely our patent is to use the sleeves to ‘disable‘ or ‘impair’ movement of the joint, a novel use. But it is still protecting it from harm. Movement will be restricted for a programmable amount of time so the soldier is incapacitated partially or fully. You can imagine the scene if half the soldiers on the field cant walk, run or stand on every play.

Our Patented football with telescopic rods. Once caught or handed off, push the buttons and the rods push out for fighting off defenders.

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Telescopic fighting stick is carried by defensive backs wide receivers and running backs to free up their hands..of course if they catch the bangball football instead, they use that as a weapon! Turn your audio on it sounds cool