Mission Statement:

  1. Uniting the World through cultural exchange by mixing sports of East with West. Deploying a business model of country versus country (starting with Team USA) to ensure our sport reaches different cultures.
  2. To be inclusive of gender, age, and body size. Continue to be a sport of safe weapons with emphasis on skill and artfulness, not size and strength. Ensuring women can play football alongside men and also smaller/older people.
  3. To support and compensate athletes whose years of training and achievements have gone unrewarded
  4. Designing a safer sport than football for youth to encourage participation and thus ensure character building of young people.
  5. To honor Military and First Nation Warriors past and present, especially those abandoned or conscripted by their countries for unjustified wars of conquest or to assert ideological dominance.
  6. With inclusive demographics, to bring joy to the under served areas of the world weary from the Pandemic, with a new, extremely entertaining global sport.