About us

William “Bomani” Bagley with his Bo staff

” I look for poetic movement; set up for a strike dramatically, deliver it with grace and precision, and finish with a flourish of emotion”



Hello, and thank you for visiting our site. The NBL was born in February 2019 when its founder noticed the local high school was disbanding its football team after 80 some years of existence. Alarmed to see this condition is rapidly occurring in other venues, he thought a safer and more edgy version of football may appeal to our youth domestically or internationally.

Since that time we have been in prototype hell, we have tried disabling devices ( a key component of our design is having an opponent harmlessly impairing a fighters legs, arms and vision) involving magnets, locks, velcro, stepper motors with cables (3 months on that) and after one year of 7 day work weeks, everything works except everything that has failed, and there has been many of those! We finally realized no athlete wants locking devices anywhere near his joints and so air bags (and eventually nanotechnology sleeves that harden, which we have patented) are the answer.


The word “Bang” is Chinese for stick, so incorporates a dual meaning in our sport’s name. As of February 2020, it has taken a year to develop the products and flesh out the concept.


William is a former owner of 3 minor league football teams in the North and East Bay Areas of California. He was a All-Star player for the (now defunct) USAFF football minor league. In the rough and tumble world of semi-pro football he played every position except on the line, he likes to say he was also “backup to the emergency QB” (with a lifetime 1 for 2 completion record)


He will be the first one to tell you and hopefully you would notice he is humbled by his life’s experiences, and always will be. He feels blessed with anything bestowed on him, like his family, his loves, and his businesses.


In the 1990’s he merged his hardware company and then with his partner took it public to $60 million in annual revenues with 120 employees and offices in 4 countries. It exists today as IMSI.

Prior to this, he attended Marin J.C., U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Hastings Law in California and did post graduate engineering studies at the University of Hawaii. He played Running Back, wide receiver, defensive back, or Rugby as a Wing at all of the University venues. He played on numerous local rugby teams including the Marin Redhawks, Santa Rosa RC, San Francisco Harlequins.


Budshido84.org is the NBL’s and William’s merchandise subsidiary. The 84 standing for the 8 virtues of the Samurai or Bushido, and the 4 truths of Buddhism. William’s code of life follows a mix of these tenets, and markets products to subtlety enlighten people to his philosophy.


He played his last football game when he was 46 years old, too, so football and Rugby was something very meaningful and his commitment to sport is as deep as it gets. Personally and as one who owned a football team based in the inner city of Oakland, he knows how sport can positively change your attitude about (or even literally save) your life, and is concerned that our youth will not develop character by engaging in these activities.


So the passion for success in sports for everyone is deeply embedded in our organization, but it is equally important to have decent experience of running a football business. For 10 years, William was recruiting and managing players, coaches, and staff. Coordinating practice and game venues and a thousand details that go with it. Player safety he knows is paramount. Quality control of the product, that is, the game itself. The comfort, security, and entertainment of the fans on game day.


Engaging the community, promotion and marketing like any other business is necessary. The list goes on, but suffice to say we know this business, and also know there are things always we can do better and to learn.

The NBL Today

The NBL admittedly is in an embryonic state. Well, so is everything at some point, correct? We need fighters (we don’t use the term “players” in the NBL) and to build out our pricey uniforms. Our first exhibition game, USA vs. Mexico, will cost around $75,000 to produce and is scheduled for the Summer of 2021. One year late due to Covid.

More true life action (once the virus situation concludes) and games are coming with your support, as we raise funds in a very flexible way: with ownership shares of the NBL available or as a tax deductible donation. We suggest you read further, but to make a tax deductible donation please click here .

Please click this ( “https://bangball.org/investors/“) to open this page for more info.


Our merchandising company Bushido84 will soon sell our Helmets, Bo Staffs, and BangBall footballs, in addition to its current mix of warrior clothing. Revenue from these sales will also provide the League with support.

We seek a production deal with a major streaming (broadcast via the internet) company to broadcast our games. Green lighting this proposal is pending more real life examples of game and fighter action.

A screenplay called “Cleats” with BangBall as a main component by William and author Jason Gooding is being written to (once filmed) strategically augment the sport’s introduction by a streaming or broadcast company.


We thank you again for visiting and we hope we can build something special for you and your community. Please contact us if you need any more information.