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WarBall’s new field is coming along, locker room (it’s a huge state of the art Army tent) is off camera.

Status/Info report 10/19/20

Updated from 8/1/20 :

We continue to struggle for lack of fighters to engage in practice due to Covid restrictions. During the last two months our energies have gone towards developing our patented UVC light that is installed on the facemask. UVC ultraviolet radiation kills germs and viruses. We have to convert our helmets to accommodate this special LED. We also will have the county approve this device so we can practice. We offered our patent free to the public domain, for the benefit  of the world.

In addition, we are using this time to make our own WarBall practice field and planting started this week. It is 220 feet long by 100 feet wide. Should be usable in a couple months, awesome by Spring.

Moreover, we have surprise developments in the pneumatic (air bag) technology upgrades…really cool stuff, stay tuned.

Finally, we have started a marketing video with music and real fight scenes, long passes, running backs and hopefully with horses and canines. It should be ready sometime in November, and will help with marketing.

Here is more info, some of it outdated by the above:

Dear Warriors,

If you are a female, excuse any pronouns that are male directed, you are welcome to fight alongside men. WB is weapon based, size and strength is not as vital as skill.
Before I go on, please don’t lose sight that this is still football, with same formations and most of the rules, but even more visually active, more artful and safe.
Our air bag devices that impair the knee and elbow joints is past the prototype stage but I can’t figure out how to mount the hardware in a back pack. It’s a very harsh environment for the equipment to function in. The sport is playable without the air bags, but not as safe. I have a handle on it but its a budget thing right now.
On the subject of being safe, understand that simulating a injury that would occur in real combat is the main premise behind the devices. Our patented helmet, air bags, and numerous others (such a nanotechnology smart garments to stiffen upon impact) still in development all impair vision or movement without harming the recipient of a strike on these devices.

So, we have a rule: If you swing your stick or fist or foot to the head area with more force than necessary to trigger the visor or the LED’s smash button, you will be ejected. It is possible to swing fast then arrest the speed or force at the last second, though this is an acquired talent. The sensors in the thigh pads also require minimum impact to trigger the air bags, and we also will place sensors in chest and stomach. Or not, the game may be too boring to play so that is why we are heavily armored in chest and leg area. To the fans, however, it is entertaining to watch disabled fighters struggling to continue with one or both of their legs impaired.

Speaking of rules and safety to tackle a ball player requires (except for items listed below) your first move to be a “stick move” to impede his or her progress. This is not a strike – you lay the stick across the runner’s waist or chest to slow him, and, of course he will be using the bangball he is carrying to block your staff.

Once slowed, you are free to use your hand, elbow, knees or feet to trigger the helmet devices, or heavy strikes anywhere else, such as a elbow to the chest or knee to hip or thigh. The latter strikes are to slow him further, and work your way to get to the head, where you can trigger the lights or visor. That act by rule halts the play by whistle of the ref. HOWEVER, knocking him to the ground with a shoulder strike, leg sweep or certain grappling moves also can halt play. Like regular football, just one knee hitting the ground is a ‘tackle”. But remember the rule: Your first move as a defender when making a tackle must be with your stick or it is a penalty. After that you are free to use certain authorized strikes and holds.

We are building uniforms now and have 20 helmets in stock, 6 completed with LED/visors, 4 more half done, with goal of about 30. Probably about 10 uniforms have been built though we are getting a little short on funds. Remember we are a certified non-profit corporation, any donations are tax deductible, or you can buy an ownership interest in our professional league. More info at

We need to raise capital for our first game against Mexico in the fall. Next is China or Japan. We intend at this time to use US based fighters of Mexican or Asian Heritage or immigrants for the foreign teams. But of course if they are American citizens, they can play for either team.

Someday we will have actual WarBall combat against China, the country. That will be something, but you all better practice hard or Team USA will get its heads handed to it. I’m gonna be tough on you -for your own good-to prevent this.

As to animals, someone or a student from California Centaurs in Petaluma will be used horse mounted archers, though I have not spoken to them in a while.

I have been thinking about getting my own mount, I have space. I am training my pit females, its going slow. You may want to be a canine trainer/game handler who also gets a bow to shoot the ball carrier, Using your own TRAINED dog would be fine too. At this time, canines are trained to go after the bangball, and by rule a runner cannot overtly try and move the ball so they can not reach it. Any part of the dog touching a fighter or ball halts play, though ideally I want the dog to make heavy contact with the fighter’s body, crash into him or her…that is difficult to train..

Practice is on my property in Geyserville by the bridge, I have a 60 yard field behind my house leveled, seeding in a week or so. A huge army tent for a locker room is up but I rent it to short term campers. I will block out Sunday afternoons for practice, you can bring your family, it is adjacent to the river.

As to when this starts, it is hard to say. I think I can modify the helmets to protect the fighters from the virus with UV lights, as we already have batteries and lights installed, so why not?

You should go to youtube to learn about bo staff fighting, the bo is WarBall’s primary weapon.. Grab a stick to practice with, a broom stick is fine but eventually you want one larger in diameter and cut to slightly shorter than your height or slightly above. I dont know your Martial Arts experience but you should start training there, too.

Speaking of Martial Arts, Wing Chun is the League’s preferred style, best known for its close in fighting techniques, and Master Wong on youtube is the best and most fun to learn from.

There are several archery positions in WarBall, so not everyone needs to be an archer. We use traditional shorter longbows in WB ($75.00 on ebay or amazon) I recommend a 50 lb bow though many females struggle with this at first.. Search under Mongolian Horse bow.

You might want to stop by Tara’s backrooom archery store on Santa Rosa Ave. for advice. They have some cheap 20 pounders. We have special foam rubber safety tips for your arrows.

Please look out for and recruit a QuarterBack and LARGE Offensive linemen for me as these types of fighters (we dont have ‘players’ in the NBL) are the hardest to find.

I will board a horse for free in exchange for WarBall use, so please keep an eye out for that, and for any volunteer coaches, team managers, etc. too.

I also look forward to you shooting me, and vice versa lol.

Keep Fighting,


Go to our Contact Us page and please message me with your email so I can bulk mail you and your future teammates all at once with League news and updates.

Bomani Bagley
Next year for the Fourth, it will be USA vs Britain for real. However we will have some one on one stick fights soon for you WarBall fans. Note our new uniforms protection for Kidney strikes/kicks, heavy elbow pads for elbow strikes, decent arm and shin protection.