Sept. 20, 2021, for immediate release: The non-profit Nations BangBall League today announced a grant was received in recognition of the NBL’s charter. The NBL chooses not to disclose the identity of the grantor, and the amount could reach 6 figures. It is in the form of free advertising on Social Media not to exceed $10,000 per month with no established end date. Thus, it could be a long term benefit to the league.

William Bagley, Executive Director and founder of the NBL states that “our organization was founded on the principle that sports brings people, or nations, closer in understanding as a form of cultural exchange. We manifest that idea in WarBall on every play, by mixing Martial Arts with Football, clearly symbolic of East meeting West to the benefit of both”.

Mr. Bagley noted that the sister company to the NBL, Budshido84 (who cross markets warrior themed clothing to the NBL) that supports factory worker’s overseas, was a factor in the grant being tendered.

Also included is the NBL’s mission statement:The NBL’s WarBall desires to achieve cultural understanding between nations, further gender equity and safety for youth. The NBL is skill based, not dependent on size and strength, designed to allow women to excel, and thus is also safer for youth. Mixing Martial Arts, historic uniforms with football exchanges the cultures of east and west, benefiting both.

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February 15th 2022 WarBall is now official sponsor of Redwood Empire Rugby (comprised of Polynesians by tradition but anyone is welcome) and also will manage operations for team. RER will assist WarBall in its development by supplying fighters for practice and testing of equipment.